Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Perfect Blush Brush

So I've been searching for the perfect blush brush for a while now, preferably something more high end that would last me a couple of years, maybe even until I'm old and crinkly! ;)
I decided to purchase these 3 lovely blush brushes, try them out and then decide which one is right for me.

NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush $50: After seeing Sandra talk about this brush and how much she loved it I had to test it out. I was really intrigued with this brush because it's inspired by Japanese beauty rituals, and it's hand spun to preserve it's uniqueness. What I really love about this brush is it's multiple usage. You can use it for blush, bronzer and highlighting. y only complaint is that it's not as soft as the others. Believe it's pretty soft, but if i'm comparing between the other 2 this one is the least soft. It does hold it shape really well after several washes. I don't know of any dupes for this brush. The only similar one is MAC 138, it's more tapered so it's not an exact dupe.

Next up is Chanel Blush Brush #4 $54: Which Heidi/ Jalapena2007 told me was one of her favorite blush brushes. I really loved this blush. It's extremely soft, and places blush on your cheeks like a dream. I had no complaints with this one.The handle is a bit shorter than any other brushes I own. It's great for placing color on your cheeks, but I needed something that can be used in many different ways. A dupe for this would be the MAC 116, but it no way can u compare the softness and quality.

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush $50: This brush is an award winner, and i wanted to try it because i have the bronzer brush and I love it!!!! After watching/reading the lovely Estee rave about this brush, I had to try it. It's a great brush, extremely soft and blends beautifully. My only complaint with it was the long handle that isn't convenient for traveling. Also the head shape is quite large for my cheeks, the placement of my blush was a little too wide. :( Which is a bummer because I really like this one.  A dupe for this would be the MAC 129. The Bobbi Brown is more compact and holds it's shape.

So there you have it my quest for the perfect blush brush. So which one did I choose... The winner is the NARS Yachiyo brush. I just liked the versatility that this brush has. I use it for blush, highlighting, and even loose powder. What brushes do you love for blush?


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